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Top 5 Lean Mass Gainers in India 2022

A perfectly lean body! Isn’t that your dream too?  Easier said than done.  It is too big a challenge!  Isn’t it? 

What is a Lean Body and How do Lean Mass Gainers Help?

 A lean body is a composite of ideal body weight and ideal body shape.

Lean gainers are nutritional supplements loaded with proteins using a limited quantity of carbs compared to Mass Gainers. Lean Gainers help in maintaining muscle mass without adding unnecessary fats, this composition of lean gainers supports fat decrease in the body at a much greater rate.

How do Lean Mass Gainers Help?

Quite simply, lean gainers assist you to get body mass more in the kind of muscles and less in the kind of fats. Lean Gainers mostly contain maltodextrin and proteins from various sources.

Unlike mass gainers, lean gainers improve the practice of weight gain but they do not result in excessive gain in body fat.  Because of the high protein content in them, Lean Gainers assist in gaining lean muscles and also help in reducing the recovery period because of the various nutrient contents blended with Branched Chain Amino Acids within them.

A perfect lean gainer has to be low in fats and sugar, moderate in complex carbohydrates and high in good quality proteins.  Apart from major indispensable ingredients, Lean Mass Gainers also carry artificial ingredients in a permissible limit to aid in the workout process.  

Benefits of Lean Gainers

A Fantastic lean Gainer owns the following advantages:

Promotes muscle increase while limiting weight gain to a minimum.

Lean gainers have very less carbs and thus don’t contribute to belly-fat.

Lean Gainers are extremely good for athletes if they want to prevent loss of weight (when consumed in small volume) or put on weight in a restricted manner (if consumed at high dosages).

Lean Gainers also contain added ingredients like Creatine, BCAA, MCT, and so forth, which can be incredibly good for improving athletic performance in addition to promoting muscle development.

Since Lean gainers are a combination of slow and fast acting proteins, they encourage immediate muscle healing in addition to consistent muscle development.

Who should use Lean Gainers?

Gainers are one of the most popular and talked-about supplements, especially amongst teenagers and population in early adolescent; however, Lean Mass Gainers can be consumed by all age groups.

Teenagers who are underweight, who are in their early adulthood, have just started working out, or who are looking to gain muscle with just a little bit of fats can use Lean Gainers.

What is the correct Lean Mass Gainer intake?

Lean Gainer intake is very subjective and it depends upon individual to individual mainly based on the level of activity they get involved in.  The amount of intake also depends on targeted weight gain, type of training being done, how much and what type of workout you are doing, and what is your daily calorie intake.

How to take Lean Mass Gainer?

One can consume Lean Mass Gainer with either milk or water; however, it is always recommended to preferably have it with water because otherwise it may lead to excessive carbohydrate intake.  Since the primary goal of Lean Mass Gainers is to limit the intake of fats and carbs, it is best to be taken with water only.

Top 5 Lean Mass Gainers

Adreno Nutra Lean Gainer 

Adreno Nutra Lean Gainer is a weight gainer with a decent proportion of protein and carbohydrates for lean muscle development.  The original muscle building supplement contains the ratio of Whey Protein Concentrate and Whey Protein Isolate.

Benefits of Adreno Nutra Lean Gainer:

1. Repair of muscles and development. Builds lean muscle volume.

3.  Contains high amount of protein – approx. 100 grams of serving contains 30 grams of protein.

4.  No Added Sugar.

5.  Very low carb content.

6.  Keeps your body energized daily and thus helps in developing leaner and stronger muscle building.

Domin8r Nutrition’s Lean Muscle HGH

Domin8r Nutrition’s Lean Muscle HGH  is the best formula for people seeking to increase their lean muscle mass. This innovative formulation includes a particular protein, carbohydrate mix, aided through an innovative CGTA-BCAA mix to encourage and produce a conducive environment for muscle growth and fat reduction. Lean muscle HGH also includes strong HGH and testosterone fostering complexes almost an absolute new in the business. It is aided by an innovative carbohydrate shuttling complex, which makes sure the carbohydrates are uploaded on your muscles rather than stored as fat, as is generally the case with ordinary mass contractors. An innovative three-stage carbohydrate diffusion range allows the carbohydrates to discharge in a staged fashion, yet another first in the business. Domin8r Nutrition’s Lean Muscle HGH is also an unbelievable lean muscle builder, particularly formulated to obtain muscle density. It delivers caloric and nutrient support to anyone involved in strenuous physical activity to boost muscle density and get far improved results because of their hard work at the gym or in the area.

Warrior Mass, Lean Muscle Weight Gainer

Warrior MASS was designed to support awesome gains in muscle building, mass and strength. If you’re an MMA fighter, fighter, baseball player or train aggressively to get REAL results from your body, Warrior MASS is right for you! We understand how hard you train, we all understand the blood, sweat and pain you have been through to get where you’re. Warrior MASS was born from battle. The struggle to create a top edge lean muscle gainer that uses the most innovative ingredients ever seen in a product of the kind, period. We have included a protein blend of both Whey Protein Concentrate to supply an instantaneous protein injection and Micellar Casein, which digests gradually more than 8 hours, to give you the perfect protein profile. Super-fast acting, and super-slow, making Warrior MASS unique whether employed as a post-workout shake to maximize gains or between meals, to encourage your daily nutritional requirements. Carbohydrates are crucial to promote gains in lean muscle mass and support your energy needs through instruction. We take the same approach to our carbohydrates as we do our daily protein – moment released, making MASS perfect post-workout, between meals, or as a supplement to a diet in any moment you need extra super-clean calories. From slow, low-GI Natural Ground Oats, to quickly release carbohydrates like Waxymaize. Warrior MASS combines a 3-stage fresh protein protocol using 3-stage clean carbs to give your body the perfect ratio of nourishment it must grow.

MAXIMISE GAINS – Super-fast acting, and super-slow, making Warrior MASS exceptional whether used as a post-workout shake to maximise gains or between meals, to support your daily nutritional needs.

PROTEIN BLEND – Whey Protein Concentrate to provide an instant protein injection and Micellar Casein, which digests slowly over 8 hours

WARRIOR MASS – Warrior MASS is a premier muscle and strength gainer that’s been created to support LEAN, mean gains in mass and strength

HIGH PROTEIN – Up to 61g of high quality protein per serving

WARRIOR – Built for Warriors, designed for athletes, driven to victory

Ingredients: Lean Carb Blend (Fine Milled Scottish Oats, Waxy Maize Starch, Maltodextrin), Premium Protein Blend, (Whey Protein Concentrate [Milk], Micellar Casein, Milk Protein), Peptide Bonded Glutamine, Flavouring, Sweetener (Sucralose).


Serving Suggestions: Mix 280g (2 scoops) with 300ml of water (or milk to get exatra calories), quantity of water could be increased to get a thinner shake, shake and consume immediately. We advocate taking 1 dose within 30 minutes of your workout on training days, and 1 serving between lunch and breakfast, about non-workout days.



LEAN MASS provides the carbohydrates, protein and nourishment you want to fuel the desired growth style faster.

Get the maximum level of outcomes with this premium level formulation!

ANS Performance Lean Mass Muscle Builder uses microfiltered, high biological value proteins for greatest advantage with zero additional sugars.

Healthy Coconut Oil and Flax Seed Derived Fats.

Each spoonful delivers 30g of carbs, 30 grams of protein, and 3 grams of clinically verified creatine for its greatest post-workout growth formulation.

Improved Muscle Growth & Recovery.

Heal yourself with this yummy 3-in-1 development formula for incredible benefits and rapid muscle healing!

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