Animal Booster Nutrition Maha Mass Gainer 3kg


Whether training goals to increase size, speed, endurance, or a combination of these, the common factor is strength. Apart from hard training, achieving the goal is also dependent on proper nutrition and supplementation. If you are a sports person desperately seeking to gain size, ANIMAL MASS GAINER is your best choice. ANIMAL MASS GAINER is packed with the power of whey protein and triple-action high-quality carbohydrates. ANIMAL nutrition mass gainer is a kind of product packed with the power of proteins rich in essential and non-essential amino acids. These amino acids are critical for creating and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance, necessary for muscle growth.

Animal Meha Mass Gainer

  • Animal Booster Nutrition Maha Mass Gainer 3kg Chocolate is crafted especially for the hardcore fitness enthusiast who works hard to gain big and sturdy muscles and a sculpted physique.
  • This advanced formula offers 25g protein and 44g Carbohydrate per 100g serving. It has a blend of fast and slow-releasing proteins.
  • Maha Mass Gainer is fortified with Sodium, Potassium, vitamins, and minerals along with a blend of digestive enzymes that help in better absorption of nutrients and help to achieve awesome results.
    Maha Mass Gainers contain high quality of a 4.5G BCAA, Which Protect Lean Muscle (Insurance for your Muscle).
  • Every single batch of ANIMAL BOOSTER NUTRITION MAHA MASS GAINER is tested for both banned substances and protein label claim verification. we go the extra distance to ensure our customers get exactly what they expect. We test all batches for banned substances, as well as protein quality, to verify that we consistently deliver 35g of protein. That’s why millions of customers trust.

Ingredients: Maltodextrin,Sucrose,Whey Protein Concentrate(80%),Cocoa,Calcium Phosphate

Brand: Animal Booster Nutrition


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