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Pure Mass gain helps to gain weight and muscle mass. It increases muscle growth and repair and provides high energy of 500 calories.

  • Weight and Mass gain.
  • Muscle growth and repair.
  • High energy requirement 500 calories per serving.
  • High carbs 70g per serving & 12g Fat per serving.
  • Increase endurance and pumps muscle.
  • Free from Banned Substances.

Adreno Pure mass gainer is an effective way to gain your weight goal and an energy booster. Contains 500 calories of high energy with 70g carbs, 12g fat, and approx 12 g protein per serving and is gluten-free.

Daily Essentials: Contains16 gm of Essential Amino and 14 essential minerals and vitamins and a mix of digestive enzymes to enhance nutrient absorption.

Recipes: This chocolate Puremass Gainer can be consumed in the form of protein shakes and smoothies. Enhance calories and nutrition by blending Puremass Gainer with cookies, protein bars, and other recipes. Instantized to mix up easily, quickly, and fully.

Benefits: Pure Mass Gainer helps to gain muscle mass and weight because of its 1:5 protein-to-carbohydrate ratio. It boosts muscle growth and repair and also supplies high energy of up to 500 calories.

Recommended For: All Genders and Adults, Workout freaks, and Athletes.
Safety First: All our products do not contain banned substances and strictly follow all international standards. AN PureMass Gainer fulfills all international guidelines.

Direction to Use: Mix 3 scoops of PURE MASS GAINER with 250 ml of whole milk or 200 ml of water. Keep blending for 35–40 seconds. Add fruits, ice cubes, or other ingredients as per taste.

Adreno Pure Mass Protein Key Benefits:

  • Weight and Mass gain
  • Muscle growth and repair
  • High energy requirement 500 calories per serving
  • High carbs 70g per serving & 12g Fat per serving
  • Increase endurance and pumps muscle
  • Free from Banned Substances


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